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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feature Treasury

I just realized we were featured in a treasury again! This one was especially nice with the bold red and blues. Can you guess what item is from us?!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do it yourself - Building Blocks!

My sister has been working feverishly the last few weeks and finished so many new swatches or (as I call them) building blocks that it is time again to share them with you! These are great for so many crafty things! They look great sewn onto clothing and bags. Or make them into ornaments (there are some holiday patches already), wall hangings, mobiles, and of course jewelry. I'm sure you can think of some great uses yourself as well.
I numbered them and can also send some close ups on request.
They are $6.00 each and about 2"-3" in size.
Please make sure to let me know what number you would like.

For those of you new to Kaleidoscope Style I want to explain how it all works.
My sister is an avid embroiderer and one day she started doing some embroidery on felt, I saw it and one thing let to another. Now we are a team in which she does the appliqué and embroidery on little felt squares just like the ones up here. I then take these blocks and make them into the necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories ... available in our Etsy shop. Now it is your turn to start the fun that I am having with these!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds

Guess what - these are real insects in this Lucite Bracelet! Most definitely something different having these insects practically crawl all over your arm when you wear it. Such a conversation piece and only for the most daring ones amongst us. You got to see all the other pieces they offer and I would love to see one for real.

After that shocker, I found this cute little Mini Pouch with the geishas. It is so cute and I know I need a little pouch like that for all my cards and change and things. This one is actually from a German Designer from Berlin! Somehow would be nice to own something from home but not having bought it there.

I actually have been looking at this Necklace again and again for month now. I just love the rustic yet intricate and girly look of it. It just has such uniqueness to it the way the flowers flow. This artist also has very nice earrings in that style, but this necklace is my absolute favorite.

And last but not least - a little Print. I just love prints! This one is especially cute because it reminds me of Lilly and how much she LOVES to walk amongst our flowers in the garden. She also loves to water them and plant them with her grandma. Now my Mom can't even do any gardening without Lilly being right by her side trying to help. They are so cute together.
Oh, and I got my prints that I traded for and I absolutely adore them!!!! They are so perfect and full of color! I’m more than happy with them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - where has the summer gone

Those were the times...sitting on the beach...under the summer sun...

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Lilly Monster

So here it is! This is the little monster I made for Lilly. I got swept up in the recent crave for all these cute stuffed monsters and thought; well, I’m a maker, so just make one myself. And it was SO much fun! I used fleece for the body and all that great felt I have to make all the embellishments on her. Blue eyes, cute mouth - it's the essence of Lilly. To fully impersonalize it, I added her name on the belly. And for some fun, I also made a little Pom Pon for the tail so Lilly has something to hold on to.
Then my Mom sewed the 2 body pieces together on the machine and I filled and closed it up. Voila!
I think I will be making some more for all the other babies in our family. These really make great gifts!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds - Stuffed Animals are fun!

I have been working on a little stuffed monster for Lillymausi this week. It has been sooo much fun designing it that my mind was on stuffed animals all week. And once my mind is on something, that's all it sees. So here are some great stuffed animal finds. And yes, I will post some pictures as soon as more is to be seen of my little monster.

First off, I have to show this cute psychedelic Bunny. 'Day Of The Head' handmade it totally from scratch - even knitting the crazy pattern. I love how it is kind of scary - kind of not.
And then I saw these adorable little stuffed Dolls! They are from Hasenpfeffer (a very German name) and they actually call them Handhelds - Binky Buddy. Also all one-of-a-kinds, the artist writes that they feel great in one's hand and calm your (or your baby's) nerves. I love the angle of this photograph, but if you want to see the whole figurine, you will have to go to their shop!

And one of my favorite little animal - the Jacabunny ! I have been drooling over these for quite some time now. Now that I finally decided to really get one, I have been waiting for just the right color to come along. And I think I actually like the ones with the floppy ears the best. You got to look in the sold section of this fun shop to really fall in love with all the different characters this artist comes up with. One is cuter than the next!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Now at a store near you!

Well, if you happened to live in Cambridge, Mass and it would be November...
But yes! We have developed a Holiday Ornament Collection for Kaleidoscope Style and they will be available for sale at the Cambridge Artists Cooperative in Harvard Square starting in November. We are so excited and also hoping to add a few more stores before that time.
And, of course, we will be adding these ornaments to our Etsy Shop as well. They are one-of-a-kinds in several main motives. We are also thinking about offering some of them as patterns and kits for those of you who like to do a little holiday crafting of their own. What do you think!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Lilly is at it again!

Remember last weeks picture of Lilly being the photographer. Well, she has moved on to bigger and better things now --- Movie director!

Oh, and don't forget to enter our GIVEAWAY!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Name-that-shop giveaway!

When my sister came to visit from Germany, she brought along another great jewelry craft she has discovered over there. It is called Kumihimo, which (funny enough since she found it in Germany) is a centuries-old Japanese braiding/knotting technique. It dates back to the days of the Samurai who used Kumihimo braids for their armor. Back in the days, they used human hair and such, but now my sister is using satin cord or suede leather. There are many different weaves to choose from working with 8 to 20 different cords at once to create one intricate bracelet or necklace. I take those breaded cords and add silver plated bead caps and lobster clasps to them for bracelets and suede bands to the center piece necklaces. We are working on even more styles. So this here is just the beginning.

Now, I want to open up a new Etsy shop to offer them to you. My predicament is - What do I name it!

So I thought that I could use some help and kick it all off with this contest.
Here is how it works:

1. Think of a clever name I can use for this Jewelry Line. I'm thinking some play of words that give an idea of what it is or just a pretty name.
2. Post it here with your contact info.
3. I hope to choose one of the names suggested October 1st.
4. The person's name I choose will win and can choose one of the Kumihimo items pictured!

That's it! Pretty easy, or? I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!!

Oh, I forgot one more requirement to enter in this drawing. I’m sorry to say so, but you must love chocolate!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

In awe

Lilly does not cease to amaze me! I'm sure all parents feel that way, and grandparents, and aunts, and uncles,...

Yesterday afternoon we were all sitting together downstairs. My sister and I crafting away while my parents tried to keep up with Lilly. She was running from one thing to the next and starting to get tired. Then suddenly, she points to the dresser and says 'mommy music'. All of us stopped and thought 'Did she really just say that?!' So to make her point clear, Lilly walks over to the TV and starts padding it. I took the remote from the dresser and put on her favorite music channel and she was happy as can be dancing and bobbing.
We used to do that before, but with the nice weather this summer, we were playing outside most of the time. So I just can't believe that she remembered it! Such a good girl!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trading Frenzy

Sometimes I just LOVE to trade! It's so much more fun than buying for several reasons. First, of course, you get something without having to give up any money. What's better than that! Well, chatting with the person you are getting something from for one thing. I just feel like I got more of a story to my new treasures by knowing the artist behind them. And then it's also great to know that they have something of yours in return! So I have always been more than happy with my trades.

In the last few days, I traded for these fantastic prints and the 2 rock rings. One ring for me and one for my sister. Since she is such a vital part of Kaleidoscope Style, she sure should get her fair share of trading as well.

The prints are from ZukZuk who I tagged the other day. I'm glad that I did that, because that's how we connected. And the rings are from Saru Star. She has quite a few more cool rock rings and also pendants. Now I can't wait to get them and I feel like I have to make another trade soon to get that high back :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds - Red and Blue all over

You know how much I LOVE, love, LOVE bag and purses. Well, here is another very cute Tote out of my favorite material - Felt and in such a yummy color combo.

Then I came across another great print in the exact same color combo. This Ornate Big Bird Print is so stunning and whimsical. I just love the little bird on top of the big one and all the fun patterns inside.

And I told you about the little collecting obsessions my family has. So after finding those great owl prints for my father last week, I found this cutest-of-them-all Elephant Print for my Mom. And again, I just love this color combo! Mhmm, I wonder what animal my sister likes best. Off to ask her...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I got tagged...

So I got tagged by fellow blogger Moxylyn 2 days ago and it's about time to get it going. The idea is to list 5 unusual things about yourself and then tag 5 other bloggers. So here we go...

1. I'm left handed but have to write with my right hand. Really confuses people seeing me write and then handle everything else with my left hand. It all happened because I grew up in East Germany and there everyone had to write with their right hand. Never mind you are being left handed! So I had to practice and practice and now my handwriting is pretty bad, but I can't really start all over with my left hand either.

2. I got enough arts and crafts supplies to be working on a million different projects for another 100 years! Sometimes the eye is just bigger than what I actually have available in time and so I have bookshelves full of great supplies. Actually, I guess lots of people do! LOL

3. I used to have a Chinchilla. Do you know what that is? It is by far the softest and cutest little animal. They actually used to make fur coats out of their fur because it is just soooo soft. My parents had a pet store when I was young and so it was easy for me to choose a chinchilla as just the best pet to have.

4. I don't like ice cream. at least I didn't used to until about 2 years ago when my husband (who LOVES ice cream) took me to Coldstone Creamery and I was hooked. So now I love their ice cream and I'm not sure my figure actually needed that! Which brings me to number 5...

5. I'm a chocolate addict. I love chocolate. I'm German - so I have to love it. And I was very disappointed to find out that a lot of chocolate isn't so good around here or very expensive. But don't worry; we get lots of visitors from home that only get in my front door after they showed me their bags full of chocolates.

These are the 5 bloggers I tag:
Lula Boutique
Amy Furstenau

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Our very own Photographer

Who is ready to take the pictures now!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Newest Creations

Here is a medley of our latest creations. Lots of fun circles, autumn leaves and clouds to dream of! What is your favorite?!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My sister's "traveling esentials" studio

It has been so nice outside this summer that my sister just had to set up a little bag (ok, it's NOT that little) with all her essential embroidery and felt supplies. I made one for myself as well and now we are sitting outside stitching away while my little baby plays in the yard. That's what I call paradise.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lilly is 14 months now!

Lilly just turned 14 month today and she just has been blossoming the last few weeks that I have to write an update on all the great things she can do. Otherwise I will never remember her early accomplishments. And how will I be able to brag about them then!
So here it goes...
She has been walking since 11 month and started throwing the ball then.
Now she loves to kick the ball with both feet while running after it. She also started to head bang the ball after Opa showed it to her.

She is so observant and sees all the birds, airplanes, even bees. She also saw the fishies at the Ashland pond after I showed them to her. She wanted to go catch them!

She has been clapping hands to the beat for a while now. Now she also counts her toes and loves to tickle them! She will also spin and say 'kreisel, kreisel' anything with a hole in it. It's the cutest! She also likes to twist flowers or little sticks between her thumb and pointer. Also VERY cute!

And she is becoming a big talker - both in German and English. A few of her staples are: mommy, daddy, book, buch, palme, picture, bear, kreisel, opposites, oopsy daisy, nase, music, alli (gator), peekaboo, up and down, buy, hi, oma, ina, tante, meema, papa, bottle, water, wasser, durst, milk, milch, pretty

And a great anecdote while I still remember it...

The first time she really said a word (other than momma and dadda) and really meant it was when we went to Florida to visit Grandpa Sol and Uncle Fred. We were just shopping and there was a little book with fishies that I thought Lilly would like. So I handed it to her to look at and then I took it away to see if she really wanted it or not. She was sitting in her stroller and stretched and stretched to get to it until she said 'book'. I was totally stunned because I didn't even realize that she new what that word was let alone say it. From then on I knew that her vocabulary must have been pretty big already even though she couldn’t say them all. And to this date she can point out so many things if you just ask her to. Amazing!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds - Owls and Rings and Things

Looking thru my favorites for this week’s Fresh Friday Finds, I realized that I could do 2 themes - owls or rings. So I though to just combine the two.

I so want this Ring! I want it more than any of the other things I ever blogged about! Can someone please answer my cries!!! It is so cute how it looks at you and with the striking colors. It would go well with all my embroidered felt necklaces...

And I also love this adorable Owl Gocco Print Set. One is cuter than the other. My Dad actually collects all things owl. So he would love this set. I might have to get it for him for X-mas. It is interesting, we just now coming to terms with the fact that my Mom actually loves Elephants, my Dad Owls and I Horses. Now that we know, we really took off collecting them and they always make great presents.

Now for the fainter of hearts, I found this elegant little Spring Blossoms Ring. It is different with the little jingle and the soft colors, yet it is not as bold as the owl ring. I once had a ring that jingled and I loved the feel of it.

And another cute pair of Love Owls. These are wood with decoupage. I think I will start collecting owls. They just have such nice faces. This shop actually has so many different animals and they are all so cute. They even have horses and elephants. So something for all of us - at least in my family.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Always reserved for Lilly

Lilly is 'helping' me create some necklaces with my yarn! I just wonder: Who is going to clean up?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Front Page

Finally we were on the front page again. This time with products from 2 of my shops. Great! And I really like this treasury. Even though I do not look forward to fall (I'm really an endless summer girl), these colors are very pleasing. Maybe I should ask my sister to make more patches in that color combo. Get ready for the fall season!