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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Lilly enjoys playing her new keyboard in her new room.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Deals!

I can't wait for Thanksgiving and all the great food! Especially the Pecan pie. That's my favorite and I think I will try to eat a whole one all by myself this year. I'm sure I can easily do it...

I also can't wait for Black Friday and getting up early to go shopping. My Mom, sister and I do it just for the fun of it! Kind of feels good to be part of that rush even though we so don't prepare or anything. I don't even know where we are going to go yet. Let's see what we'll decide on Thursday.

Of course, I want to be part of it and bring some smiles to all my customer's faces this weekend. So I am offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and 20% OFF all orders on all of my shops! This sale will last from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. This will be my biggest double sale and it might be the last of the year. So better get what you wanted now for the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Trader Joe's Balloons are the best!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elenore Earrings

I love presents! These little soft translucent pink flower buds were added to one of my supply orders as a little gift and I was happy as a little girl when I saw them. I just had to make these
Elenore Earrings right away. The etched flowers remind me of old coins and with the pink flowers dangling above, it almost looks like a vine with flowers grew over the coin over time. A little white Swarovski Rhinestone sparkles from within like a pirate's treasure.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Studio in the making

I finally finished painting, rolled out a thick carpet, and went wild at Ikea. not too much left and I will have transformed our garage in my very own HUGE (that is the good part about taking the garage) studio. I already built my desks. Yes, there are two of them giving me an enormous area to work on (and to fill up). Now all that is left to build is the shelving unit. I can't wait to neatly organize all of my supplies on these shelves. Finally a space were everything comes together instead of having a little hidden there and a little here and looking for hours to find anything.
Well, I'm almost there. Can't be too long now...

See the before pictures right in this post here:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ikea - here we come!
Ask Lilly anytime what we will have at Ikea and she is sure to reply with: "Vanilla Ice cream!!!"
And that is just what we had on Sunday after a HUGE shopping day for my new studio (can't wait) and Lilly's Bedroom. More pictures sure to come!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We're going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo...

Yes, we went to he Franklin Park Zoo here in Boston and had so much fun! We stayed all day even though it was a bit chilly.

And the trip started out great with this not-to-be-missed photo of Lilly as kitty cat and grandma as goat. Perfect mimic on both of them. Staying totally in character!

And then we did see all these other animals as well. I loved how close you get to them at this zoo. I mean those camels were right there!

And so was the Emu...

And then Lilly even got to sit on the large Gorilla with her baby! GOTCHA! No that one is a sculpture. But pretty cool.

And so is riding a cow...

And feeling like prey in the condor cage. These things are HUGE!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

One more Halloween picture! Here Lilly shows off her handmade skeleton out of Q-tips and the Halloween card her grandparents sent from Arizona.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brand New Packaging

I am so excited to finally have finished my packaging for Frosted Willow. Just in time for this weekends large orders!

And I think it really came out great and reflects my personal style nicely. I was so happy when I found these cute little blue boxes on Etsy. They go great with my banner background and it's just my absolute favorite color! My next move was to find some Kawaii deco tape on Etsy to trim the boxes with. Now they look wrapped but can be opened with them still intact. And that black lace motif is so elegant! Finally, I made some sticker tags using the same lace motif all around, a matching blue and frosty white flower motif. I included my Etsy web address on the stickers, printed them on a white sticker sheet from Avery and then used a circle cutter to cut them all out.

It was so much fun putting all the boxes together with Lilly. She made some of her own that were just *slightly* different :)

Now for the mailer, I also used the lace design and Frosted Willow logo. Now all I have to do is write in the customer's address and they are all neat and uniform.
Then I also ordered some Thank you cards from Vistaprint with pictures from all of my 4 Etsy shops on them to add to each package. Maybe someone is going to like a piece from the other shops as well!

Halloween Parade!

Wow, this weekend has been crazy good with my Frosted Willow shop. Lots of great sales and traffic since I was featured in Etsy's weekend deal email. I'm so happy!!!
So no wonder I'm a bit late showing off our Halloween pictures.

Lilly's scarecrow costume was the best! Grandma did such a great job making it from scratch. Even using real corn! And Lilly was sooo excited and loved everything about it.

We went to the local Halloween parade and i think everyone came out to be there. The best costumes I ever saw and not just on kids! There were parents dressed up in full suit bunny costumes. And look at this big doggy!

At the end of the parade was a sort of Haunted House staged by the local fire station. Way to scary for me, but Lilly loved it. Children are so curious.

After that we went trick or treating in the neighborhood. There was a big crowd and it was so much fun walking with all the other kids and parents from house to house. And some houses really put on a great show!