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Friday, October 30, 2009

Buy one get one FREE Weekend Deals

I am so excited to be featured in this weeks WEEKEND DEAL email! Did you see my vintage earrings up there? They were sold before the email even came out. How funny!
The buy one get one item totally free will last all weekend long on all of my items from my shops!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Studio - here I come!

I have been *secretly* working on my very own studio for the last few weeks. It seemed like I will never get there for a while and my Dining Room was filling over (who doesn't have that!) Now after this weekend I finally feel like I am getting close.

But let me back up. What I am converting is our garage. It seems funny, but it is the perfect place. It was filled with things to be stored as you can see. So definitely ready to be taken over. What I love about the garage is that it is big, I can open the garage door for real good ventilation when I am working with the torch, and I will be able to watch Lilly play outside while I get some work done right there.

I finally got it all cleaned out and started giving it some color! It's going to be marvelous with this aqua blue, a deep blue and a yellow green to come!
On Thursday I will go to Ikea to get tables and a real storage system. I can't wait to get all my supplies and different arts and crafts organized!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

3 Generation Picture with my Mom, Lilly, and me!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Embroidered Silk Brooch

Over the weekend I worked on some new and exciting brooches, pins, and pendants with remnants of embroidered fabric. These fabrics are so gorgeous and just perfect for these treasures. Here is the first Brooch one that I listed yesterday. I will try to list the others throughout the week!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Salem's Haunted Happenings

Yesterday was the last Sunday before Halloween and the place to be was Salem, Mass. The weather was gorgeous and everyone was out there - all the witches, pumpkins, scarecrows, devils, and lot's of things I don't even know.

You had to look out for them everywhere. They even had special 'Witches flying by' crosswalks. Gotta watch the witches!

One of the most stunning costumes was this one of a witch monument. I love the long skirt and very pointy hat.

See the similarities to the real one?!

But the best part about Halloween sight seeing are all the decorations and haunted houses to see.

Love this spider invested house (we tried to stay clear).

And of course the Mummy trap.

But best in town was the more is better and a little bit of everything approach. Lilly LOVED it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fresh Friday Finds

I always love to find new and interesting art prints on Etsy. I especially love the ones you can just look at for hours and find new details in them. This Mermaid Folk Art Print is one of them. Did you see the frog and the cat yet? See what I mean!

Another passion of mine (one among many, I know) are journals. Just love the idea of being able to jot down my thoughts at any given moment and make note of all those great designs that come in the oddest places. I do have a few journals, but using them just isn't working out right now for me. I like to believe that I just haven't found the right format of a journal yet. Maybe this one is it? I love the blue soft leather, hand drawn design, and ripped paper of this Leather Journal.

Guess what this is - a beautiful Halter Apron with the cutest birdies of all on my favorite color! These aprons are the rage right now and really such a statement when you have a little dinner party or just because. Got to click to see the entire piece!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween is in the air!

I just had to show off these fantastically scary ghosts my little Lilly made the other day at art class. I love how simple they are with just using a little bit of fiberfill, wiggly eyes, leaves, glue and paper. Lilly went a bit overboard with the wiggly eyes. They were clearly her favorite part! Now they hang in our window scaring everyone away ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Lilly loves to take (pretend) naps with her Dollies!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Fun at the Flea Market

I LOVE going to the flea market! So many great things to find and get and we have found some very nice ones around here lately. Of course, I love the huge Brimfield Fair that comes around once in a while, but it is more for looking than buying. Too expensive for me.
My staples are the fairs in Upton, Grafton, and on the way to Newburyport.

All these great vintage and new jewelry pieces I got at the Upton fleamarket that comes around once a month. I don't know how much longer they will do that one, but it is so much fun. I can't wait to get started on these pieces. i already have several ideas of what to do with them in my head but just couldn't find the time yet to finish them.

The Grafton Flea Market is every Sunday from April to December! So we really try to go every weekend. It's become our favorite Sunday activity.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fresh Friday Finds

It is just about time for some Fresh Friday Finds and I sure have amazed so many new 'gotta have them right now' favorites, I don't know where to start!

You all know how much I love bangles! I got beautiful gold bangles from India, colorful Enamel bangles and now I just long for one of these
Skinny Bangles. They look so sophisticated with the faceted stones in the center. Just perfect layered with all kinds of bangles for this season.

Every time I see one of Sascalia's Collage Paintings I have to smile cheek to cheek. They are so cheerful and filled with color. I love all the little details and this one here is one of my favorites.

This Journey Journal I just had to show. What a great idea!You can put in the tags in the places you visited and connect them with the string. If I ever go on a road trip, this is what I need!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Custom Earrings

One of my husband's cousins move to Boston recently and we are so happy to be able to see her more often now. Lilly just loves her! So when her Birthday came up and my mother-in-law asked me to create a piece of jewelry with her birthstone, I was all for it. I knew right away that I needed to make her some large hoop earrings with some natural elements from what I have seen her wear. Her birthstone is an opal and it was a bit tricky to find something that would fit at first, but when I saw these carved pink opal leaves, I knew I found the perfect item. I designed a sterling silver hoop to go around it that I textured to give it more of that natural feel.
And she was so excited when I gave her the earrings! I was so excited too! It's so much fun to make a piece of jewelry for a specific person. And she looks so good in them! Really, she does.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Lilly is getting ready for Halloween! Not a bit frightened and already playing with her new favorite doll - the scarecrow!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Deals - Free Worldwide Shipping

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It's time for another round of weekend deals. This week Etsy asked seller to offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - so here it is! Available on all my shops this weekend only.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

21st century baby - talking to great grandma in Germany over the cell phone

Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekend Deals

=======♠♥♠♥♠ THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL (Oct. 2 - Oct. 4) !!! ♠♥♠♥♠=======


Just mention "Weekend Deals" in the note to seller when you check out and finish the transaction. I will send you a revised invoice or issue your refund promptly. I am offering this special on all of my etsy shops!