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Friday, November 13, 2009

Studio in the making

I finally finished painting, rolled out a thick carpet, and went wild at Ikea. not too much left and I will have transformed our garage in my very own HUGE (that is the good part about taking the garage) studio. I already built my desks. Yes, there are two of them giving me an enormous area to work on (and to fill up). Now all that is left to build is the shelving unit. I can't wait to neatly organize all of my supplies on these shelves. Finally a space were everything comes together instead of having a little hidden there and a little here and looking for hours to find anything.
Well, I'm almost there. Can't be too long now...

See the before pictures right in this post here:

1 comment:

cindi said...

how exciting! yay for you! there is nothing like a dedicated workspace to really make things happen. i feel fortunate to have my own studio (what in someone else's life would be a bedroom); although a friend suggested i might want to think about cleaning the basement as i'm outgrowing my current space.
enjoy your space!!