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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Parade!

Wow, this weekend has been crazy good with my Frosted Willow shop. Lots of great sales and traffic since I was featured in Etsy's weekend deal email. I'm so happy!!!
So no wonder I'm a bit late showing off our Halloween pictures.

Lilly's scarecrow costume was the best! Grandma did such a great job making it from scratch. Even using real corn! And Lilly was sooo excited and loved everything about it.

We went to the local Halloween parade and i think everyone came out to be there. The best costumes I ever saw and not just on kids! There were parents dressed up in full suit bunny costumes. And look at this big doggy!

At the end of the parade was a sort of Haunted House staged by the local fire station. Way to scary for me, but Lilly loved it. Children are so curious.

After that we went trick or treating in the neighborhood. There was a big crowd and it was so much fun walking with all the other kids and parents from house to house. And some houses really put on a great show!

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