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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lilly is 14 months now!

Lilly just turned 14 month today and she just has been blossoming the last few weeks that I have to write an update on all the great things she can do. Otherwise I will never remember her early accomplishments. And how will I be able to brag about them then!
So here it goes...
She has been walking since 11 month and started throwing the ball then.
Now she loves to kick the ball with both feet while running after it. She also started to head bang the ball after Opa showed it to her.

She is so observant and sees all the birds, airplanes, even bees. She also saw the fishies at the Ashland pond after I showed them to her. She wanted to go catch them!

She has been clapping hands to the beat for a while now. Now she also counts her toes and loves to tickle them! She will also spin and say 'kreisel, kreisel' anything with a hole in it. It's the cutest! She also likes to twist flowers or little sticks between her thumb and pointer. Also VERY cute!

And she is becoming a big talker - both in German and English. A few of her staples are: mommy, daddy, book, buch, palme, picture, bear, kreisel, opposites, oopsy daisy, nase, music, alli (gator), peekaboo, up and down, buy, hi, oma, ina, tante, meema, papa, bottle, water, wasser, durst, milk, milch, pretty

And a great anecdote while I still remember it...

The first time she really said a word (other than momma and dadda) and really meant it was when we went to Florida to visit Grandpa Sol and Uncle Fred. We were just shopping and there was a little book with fishies that I thought Lilly would like. So I handed it to her to look at and then I took it away to see if she really wanted it or not. She was sitting in her stroller and stretched and stretched to get to it until she said 'book'. I was totally stunned because I didn't even realize that she new what that word was let alone say it. From then on I knew that her vocabulary must have been pretty big already even though she couldn’t say them all. And to this date she can point out so many things if you just ask her to. Amazing!

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