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Friday, September 5, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds - Owls and Rings and Things

Looking thru my favorites for this week’s Fresh Friday Finds, I realized that I could do 2 themes - owls or rings. So I though to just combine the two.

I so want this Ring! I want it more than any of the other things I ever blogged about! Can someone please answer my cries!!! It is so cute how it looks at you and with the striking colors. It would go well with all my embroidered felt necklaces...

And I also love this adorable Owl Gocco Print Set. One is cuter than the other. My Dad actually collects all things owl. So he would love this set. I might have to get it for him for X-mas. It is interesting, we just now coming to terms with the fact that my Mom actually loves Elephants, my Dad Owls and I Horses. Now that we know, we really took off collecting them and they always make great presents.

Now for the fainter of hearts, I found this elegant little Spring Blossoms Ring. It is different with the little jingle and the soft colors, yet it is not as bold as the owl ring. I once had a ring that jingled and I loved the feel of it.

And another cute pair of Love Owls. These are wood with decoupage. I think I will start collecting owls. They just have such nice faces. This shop actually has so many different animals and they are all so cute. They even have horses and elephants. So something for all of us - at least in my family.

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earth and sun folk said...

great finds! i love them all! thanks for sharing...happy friday :)