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Friday, September 26, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds

Guess what - these are real insects in this Lucite Bracelet! Most definitely something different having these insects practically crawl all over your arm when you wear it. Such a conversation piece and only for the most daring ones amongst us. You got to see all the other pieces they offer and I would love to see one for real.

After that shocker, I found this cute little Mini Pouch with the geishas. It is so cute and I know I need a little pouch like that for all my cards and change and things. This one is actually from a German Designer from Berlin! Somehow would be nice to own something from home but not having bought it there.

I actually have been looking at this Necklace again and again for month now. I just love the rustic yet intricate and girly look of it. It just has such uniqueness to it the way the flowers flow. This artist also has very nice earrings in that style, but this necklace is my absolute favorite.

And last but not least - a little Print. I just love prints! This one is especially cute because it reminds me of Lilly and how much she LOVES to walk amongst our flowers in the garden. She also loves to water them and plant them with her grandma. Now my Mom can't even do any gardening without Lilly being right by her side trying to help. They are so cute together.
Oh, and I got my prints that I traded for and I absolutely adore them!!!! They are so perfect and full of color! I’m more than happy with them.


Kari said...

Wow, those are some wonderful items. I love them all, too cute!

Conscientia's Cameos said...

my goodness that insect bracelet is creepy!!

BlenderBach said...

love the bracelet - that seller is one of my favorites!

star said...

i'm going to have to save for one of the insect jewelry pieces. i'm eyeing the rings! soooo freakin' awesome!