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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trading Frenzy

Sometimes I just LOVE to trade! It's so much more fun than buying for several reasons. First, of course, you get something without having to give up any money. What's better than that! Well, chatting with the person you are getting something from for one thing. I just feel like I got more of a story to my new treasures by knowing the artist behind them. And then it's also great to know that they have something of yours in return! So I have always been more than happy with my trades.

In the last few days, I traded for these fantastic prints and the 2 rock rings. One ring for me and one for my sister. Since she is such a vital part of Kaleidoscope Style, she sure should get her fair share of trading as well.

The prints are from ZukZuk who I tagged the other day. I'm glad that I did that, because that's how we connected. And the rings are from Saru Star. She has quite a few more cool rock rings and also pendants. Now I can't wait to get them and I feel like I have to make another trade soon to get that high back :-)


Sayo said...

Hi Katrin!
I'll be shipping out your rings first thing in the morning! (I'll convo you the tracking number)
Soooo excited to be getting my new necklaces from your shop! Thanks for the fantastic trade!

zukzuk said...

Yes, thanks for my fantastic trade! I wore my necklace today and got several comments, it's just so lovely!

Those decorations look great too!