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Sunday, September 14, 2008

In awe

Lilly does not cease to amaze me! I'm sure all parents feel that way, and grandparents, and aunts, and uncles,...

Yesterday afternoon we were all sitting together downstairs. My sister and I crafting away while my parents tried to keep up with Lilly. She was running from one thing to the next and starting to get tired. Then suddenly, she points to the dresser and says 'mommy music'. All of us stopped and thought 'Did she really just say that?!' So to make her point clear, Lilly walks over to the TV and starts padding it. I took the remote from the dresser and put on her favorite music channel and she was happy as can be dancing and bobbing.
We used to do that before, but with the nice weather this summer, we were playing outside most of the time. So I just can't believe that she remembered it! Such a good girl!!!

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