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Friday, September 19, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds - Stuffed Animals are fun!

I have been working on a little stuffed monster for Lillymausi this week. It has been sooo much fun designing it that my mind was on stuffed animals all week. And once my mind is on something, that's all it sees. So here are some great stuffed animal finds. And yes, I will post some pictures as soon as more is to be seen of my little monster.

First off, I have to show this cute psychedelic Bunny. 'Day Of The Head' handmade it totally from scratch - even knitting the crazy pattern. I love how it is kind of scary - kind of not.
And then I saw these adorable little stuffed Dolls! They are from Hasenpfeffer (a very German name) and they actually call them Handhelds - Binky Buddy. Also all one-of-a-kinds, the artist writes that they feel great in one's hand and calm your (or your baby's) nerves. I love the angle of this photograph, but if you want to see the whole figurine, you will have to go to their shop!

And one of my favorite little animal - the Jacabunny ! I have been drooling over these for quite some time now. Now that I finally decided to really get one, I have been waiting for just the right color to come along. And I think I actually like the ones with the floppy ears the best. You got to look in the sold section of this fun shop to really fall in love with all the different characters this artist comes up with. One is cuter than the next!


Lauren said...

I love Hasenpfeffer's dolls, very cute!

blackfeatherfarm said...

Cute , cute Jacabunnies !!!

dandyapple said...

Great finds. Thanks for sharing.