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Sunday, December 7, 2008

First Snow, Christkindlmarkt, and Harvard Square Holiday Craft Fair

Today we had our first snow of the season! Just a light dusting to ease us into it. Lilly loved it and acted as if she had seen it before. Well, she did last year. I knew she had a great memory ;)

And yesterday we went to the Christkindlmarkt at the German International School here in Cambridge. It was so nice to see so many Germans - more than I have ever seen since we have been here. And all those kids speaking German. Even Lilly went wild running around in the halls of the school. They also offer a German music class for little ones and I signed Lilly up for that. She so will LOVE it the way she is singing already. This will also be a great opportunity for me to meet some Germans in the area who have kids Lilly's age.
While we were there, we had great Roster (those are German specialty sausages) and Gl├╝hwein (now everybody knows what that is!). That totally put us all in the Christmas mood.
And, believe it or not, after that we even went to the yearly craft fair in Harvard Square. There is a really nice one in the basement of that corner church. We already went their last year when Lilly was still so little and fit in a carrier. Now she was walking around and tried to do some shopping for her own! So we really had a great day yesterday. I wish I would have taken some pictures, but totally forgot my camera.

Oh, and at the end of the day I made this custom initial necklace for a little girl named Navia. I think it came out so cute and I sure hope she will cherish it. To have a custom initial or name necklace made for your girl, just contact me!

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