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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sofa upholstery in progress

Ok, for all of you who wanted to see our large sectional that my Mom is recovering for it is! She is almost done with all the cushions, only the end ones are missing as can be seen in the last picture. But it is already looking soooo good! I can't wait for it to be finished. This fabric is so much more inviting and cozy than that light pink floral. Now I just have to get more fabric for the frame of the sofa. I'm thinking of doing that in another darker fabric. I sort of like the contrast between the cushions and the frame right now. I will keep you posted on what we will finally do. Also, this sofa is just the beginning of some major changes I really want to do to our house. We moved in here while I was pregnant and so I couldn't do anything to it then. And of course it has been so hectic with Lilly until now that I never got around it. I finally feel that I can carve out some time to do all the painting and prettying that the house deserves. I guess this would be a great place to show some before and after pictures to see what you think!

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draculine said...

Wow! This really looks so much better than before. Good job mommy!