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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feature Artist: Art 2 the Extreme

Can you guess what this is.. Candy, drops, colorful soap?! At least those where the things going through my head when I first saw this picture. But those are actually Crayons ! Isn't that the neatest idea to just put all the colors together and make some nice rainbow crayons out of them. These look like they would be so much fun, even I want to take one in my hand right now and let the creative juices flowing. Just imaging what your children would say. And I love the idea of using them as party favors. What better thing to give and get!

This is only one item available at Art 2 the Extreme - a shop with all kinds of different goodies from these crayons, over ceramics, to clothing, all the way over to fin art prints. First I thought that this must be a collaborative shop, but it actually just showcases the work of one creative and versatile elementary art teacher. She loves to create with ceramics, printmaking, and fibers most of all, but also creates art to share and sell, as well as scrapbooking.

One more thing that caught my eye was this Llama Lovers Shirt. I really like the strong lines in it and yet the Llama just looks so friendly. You can't find that in a department store! And there are sooo many more things to find and discover at this shop.

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Art2theextreme said...

THank you for your feature and your kind words. I will be linking it to my blog as well :)! Great blog!