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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Felt Necklace

So I'm still working all on the felt. Just love all the designs and colors my sister chose for the last ones she sent. It is so much fun that I don't have any time left to work on my silver jewelry. And I keep saying that I will get back to it any day now, but I'm just too caught up with the felt!
Here is my latest Necklace. It has 3 yummy looking leaves on a double stranded handmade necklace. This is a very bold creation - nice and big as it is in style now. I made the necklace using a little wooden figuring that we call *Strickliesel* in Germany. I used to work with it a lot when I was a kid. And because you go round and round with the yarn on it, there just never is a good time where you say: "OK, I can stop now and come to it later." You always feel like you have to do one more round or so. So now I made a few in different yarn thicknesses and colors for many more necklaces and bracelets to come. I should take a picture of that little helper and post it later. I'm sure all of you crafters had one when you were young!


Waterrose said...

Lovely necklace...and I did have one of those tube weavers...actually I just ended up with another from an estate sale!

Yazmin said...

You made this? Wow! It's fantastic! :)

Moki said...

You have some very lovely pieces!