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Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4 Celebrations

There is nothing better than sitting on the greens under a clear blue sky with lots of other people. Forth of July is the best time to do this and this year it was just magical.
Lilly loved sitting in the camping chair and having lots of Kettle Korn. So did all of us and I think I will turn into a big popcorn myself!

We also had to check out the Carnival section and Lilly couldn’t believe all the fun rides to see and foods to eat. She especially was taken by the trumpet she saw a little girl play with. We looked and looked and finally saw a little 'catch the fish' stand offer them to win. So Lilly played, caught the right fish, and was the happiest little girl when she knew she won her little pink trumpet. She played it till it got dark. Then right before the fireworks, she and my husband left. With 2 we feel that she is still too young to hear and see all those fireworks.

I stayed with my parents because I love it way too much. And oh was it worth it! Just so unbelievable. Can't wait for next year!

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Angie said...

Those looked like lovely fireworks! Nice to see that you had a good weekend :o)