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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I (heart) Dawanda

You all know how much I LOVE bags and purses. One just can't have enough of them (or is it just me!) So I love browsing the Category: Bags » Bags » Shoulder Bags » at DaWanda just to see what is out there. This also helps me to see the newest emerging trends right from the source to use as creative resource for my jewelry designs. But when I saw this Giant Bag Dreamland (yes, that's what it's called, I should know, I'm German) I knew it was meant for me. A zebra, a birdie and pink and blue trees - come on, that is just too perfect to be true. Gimmygimmygimmy!!!!! And the best part is the size. I need lots of space for all the extra sweaters, animal cookies, drinks, and toys I always seem to haul around for little Lilly and me. So yes, this one is for me.

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