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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Treasures in the workings

I'm so excited these days reworking my shops and getting new pictures. But I also have been working on many new designs. One of my new ventures you can have a sneak peek at in this picture. I had these fabulous silks in all colors of the rainbow and my sister started some gorgeous embroidered trees on them. I knew then just the right settings for this unusual jewelry. Little did I know that the type of setting I was thinking of was nowhere to be found in the U.S. I searched the internet and stores for month. Finally I looked on German websites since I last saw these setting in Germany, but even there they seemed to have vanished. Then, totally by coincident, I came across a small firm in Austria that still makes them. I contacted them and they were happy to send all the settings I needed to me not just for my own jewelry, but also to distribute them here in America. Ever since, I have been working on this new collection and I can't wait to open up a new shop to show all the beautiful pieces of jewelry I created. I'm even more so excited that this shop will also offer the settings itself, so that others might unleash their creativity with fabrics, papers, and things I can't even think off. So I really have been busy and I am tickled with excitement! I am hoping to open up this new KAILEA shop in the beginning of the new month.


Ivonnardona said...

So pretty. I love this. When are you going to start selling the settings. I would definitely be interested in buying some.

Ivonnardona's Creations

Katrin said...

I am planning on opening the shop on the first of next month and will be listing everything next week.

Un de Six said...

It's always good to revive your pieces, new ideas, new excitement. The new stuff is why I love designing. Keep it up.

Also: I love your blog's look!

Meekiyu said...

o wow those are gorgeous! All the work you went though definitely has paid off. =D

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

This is lovely. When I get a chance I will have to check out the shop.