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Friday, January 30, 2009

Fresh Friday Finds

I have been so busy working on all the new designs; I haven't even gotten any time to browse on Etsy. Can you believe it! Luckily my sister has been hearting a lot of nice things over the week for me to choose from. So here are a few of her favorites.
Isn't this quite amazing?! Ina always finds the best shawls and scarf and this
Cobwebs Shawl Scarf is no exception. Sure to stand out and keep you warm with its color and fiber.

I just love the simple lines of this cute
Baby Elephant Charm. It's so delicate, simple, and striking. This Etsian makes this elephant graphic on fabrics and now as silver charms. I think it is a great idea either way!

And now to the most amazing thing - this
Recycled Milk Gallon Light Sculpture. It is actually made of milk cartons! It looks so intricate and high end. I think I have to get one for one of my customers and they won't believe that they won't tax the environment with this one.


Ivonnardona said...

Ok, the light fixture out of milk cartons; that is way to cool. I wonder if they'll take milk cartons shipped to them? LOL

Katrin said...

Isn't it?! Thst would be something if they wound take them. Then you truly would be recycling your cartons.

Mallory @ MissMalaprop said...

I love all of these pieces but the scarf and milk carton lighting are especially cool!

Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

I like the scarf and light. You cannot even tell that it is made from milk cartons.