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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nothing better than Christmas Decorations

All of our Christmas decorations are up, Christmas music is swirling through the air, and I even wrote most of my Christmas cards. Some have Lilly's picture with Santa and the others the last picture I posted on Wednesday. Hope everyone will like them. So we are all in the best holiday spirit.
And it is better that we are ahead of the curve since my parents, Lilly and I are leaving for a Christmas in Germany on Tuesday! It is about time we showed off Lilly with the great grandparent and all the other relatives over there. We are also excited about all the good food!!! I haven't been there for THREE YEARS NOW. So it will be interesting to see all and everyone again.
But first a few more pictures of our decorations.

This here is an ornament of Lilly last year at Christmas. It is so amazing to see how much she has grown. I'm doing a new picture ornament for her every year now. She will love those later on.

And then all of our pieces from Germany. Here the 'Pyramide' that spins around from the heat and air of a lid candles.

The 'Schwibbogen' that looks so good in the window.

And of course; a nutcracker. I love this one dressed up as a joker! Lilly LOVES this one the most.

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Little Dickens Designs said...

You've inspired me to finish decorating my house. The tree is up but that's it!