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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Custom Jewelry Packaging

Today we had a very exciting 7 sales! While I was putting together the packages, I just had to take this picture of the custom pouches we use for the necklaces and bracelets. I looked near and far to find something more individual and with more personality than organza bags to package our Embroidered Felt Jewelry ! in so it would stand out from the crowd. We also wanted it to be perfect for gift giving and be environmentally conscious to go with the feel of our felt jewelry. When I finally found these, I was very excited. They are actually tube ribbon that I can cut to any size I want to. Then I just use some embroidery floss to stitch both ends shut. I love how they let some of the inside look through without being totally clear. I also think that the unusual closure gives the receiver of the present extra excitement while trying to open it carefully.

We always attach a little tag with our logo on it to all pieces with the OOAK # on the back. Pins and hairclips are attached to cards that have the same design as out business cards and spot our url on the front. All in all, I think that our packaging has come a long way and should add to our pieces.


Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Very cool!
My packaging is so different every time I ship, since I have to use boxes for my bowls and use recycled material to stuff the box. I guess mine is just eco packaging! :O)

Very cute idea about the little pouches.. I love it!

The Empty Envelope said...

Very nice!

oriental banana said...

Ooh, I love the personal touch! Those are some very cute pouches :)

shannon said...

I like your packaging. I just use organza bags.

random note: I think the child in post below is cute.

Giftbearer said...

I like the way you can kind of see through them. It gives them a kind of elegant look!