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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's time for Halloween accessories! Here is the first necklace...

All that playing around with Lilly and the carved pumpkin bucket finally got my sister started doing some Halloween motives. And they just came out too cute...and scary!!!
Here is the first Necklace with the fullest pumpkin and 2 airy ghosts flying around them. Who is going to get it?
I can't wait to get working on the 3 little pumpkin bracelet and the ghost and pumpkin pins or brooches. And I will post them as soon as they are finished. The seasons are just so much more appreciated with little accessories like these!


Art By MAR said...

Love your Halloween necklace. You should definitely make more!

Ida said...

What a fun necklace! Seasonal jewelry is really fun to wear.