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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds

At this time of the year, I am stuck between longing for summer and being on the lookout for Christmas presents! So here we go with today’s Fresh Friday Finds.

Lately I have caught myself searching for hand carved stamps on Etsy for hours. They just have such a warm feel to them and I am always amazed about the designs and simple details incorporated. This Tiny Cherry Blossom Rubber Stamp sure is one that has me longing for summer big time. I so loved how Lilly just walked up to every flower trying to smell it. Well, she actually tried to blow it since she thought every flower is a dandelion, but that just made it even more special. Now with the colder months approaching, it's time to get some hand carved stamps and start all those scrap booking projects.

And on to more cozy things...I am definitely in need of some Fingerless Gloves this winter! Every time I get regular gloves and then never wear them because they are just too impractical for me. So when I saw all the fingerless gloves on Etsy, I knew I needed a pair. Now it's just about figuring out which one to get. This one is my current favorite. I love the soft colors and intricate pattern. Should I stop looking?!

Now back to some more summer fun! Remember the kites circling in the air? I do! And this Paper Airplane Necklace somehow reminds me of that. Such a neat idea ... and also a great holiday present to wear next summer ; )


Contrariwise said...

I really like your Fresh Friday Finds feature.

(Please note that the link for the paper airplane necklace doesn't work. And I want to see it so!)

Katrin said...

Sorry! That's what you get for working at midnight, but it's linking now!

germandolls said...

Great finds! Love the gloves!I like everything though...

kim* said...

i will have to do friday finds on my weescreamvintage blog :) i feel left out seeing all of you doing it :)