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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feature Artist - Lost Mitten

Lost Mitten is a fun and colorful shop! If you are looking for something different for that geek in your family or among your friends - look no further. Lauren, the artist behind 'Lost Mitten' works in several media. One of them is creating coasters made from Perler beads, showing all her favorites from the video games she LOVES to play. She even says that she is a "huge video game addicts" and is "continually inspired by (her) love for video games in creating many of (her) original crafts".
I myself like her paper finished buttons the best. Using all the different Chiyogami Yuzen and Japanese Washi Papers is a great idea and would surely add great color to any fabric project. But that is not all Lauren is working on. She also loves to knit, crochet, create journals and other paper goods, as well as needlepoint, acrylic felt creations, pinback buttons, and jewelry. I know how that is! Even though I now try to stir away from that urge to start a new craft every time I see something I like, I do have way too many supplies for way too many crafts already. I will never find enough time to try all of them. I'm happy for her though to be able to work on all of her chosen crafts so beautifully.
To see what else she is coming up with, go visit her Shop or Blog.

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