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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Feature Artist: Giftbearer

Another jake of all trades...crafty trades that is! Pippit's main shop is all about jewelry. She specializes in high end tribal jewelry that is all organic, flowing, and beautiful. Of course, I had to choose the most expensive item in her shop as by favorite - the Budding Vine Bracelet. Does that ever happen to you? I go in a store or online shop and the one item that I really like is also the most expensive one in there. Good taste comes with a price! Pippit is also the initiator of 90 Features in 90 Days Challenge and "works in several mediums; including acrylics, watercolor, drawing, clay sculpture, and jewelry. A multicultural influence is evident in her work reflecting a diverse heritage of Iroquois Indian, Hawaiian, Russian Jewish, and French Canadian. She is strongly influenced by nature, political and social issues, and uses her art to educate the public." You have to go look at her shop to see all the things she's been working on!

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