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Monday, December 7, 2009

Nikolaus and first snow

Yesterday on the 6th was Nikolaus Day. That is a special day in Germany on which children clean their biggest boots as best as they can and then put them out in front (or in our case, the steps). Then during the night, Nikolaus would come and either put chocolate and little treats in them if the child was nice all year or, guess what, coal if the child did not behave.

So here is Lilly, taking her first peak at what's inside of her boots...

And then she realized that it was a Milka (special German chocolate) Santa...

Even better - truly made out of chocolate!!!

She couldn't stop smiling all day!

And then we saw all the beautiful snow out side. It just looked amazing with the blazing white sun, crystal clear water, and perfectly snow topped trees. If winter was always like that...

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Ramya Prasad said...

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