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Friday, July 17, 2009

Fresh Friday Finds - try something new

Once in a while (quite frankly too often) the creative bug bites me and I just NEED to start a new craft or make something totally different from my usual wares. That is lots of fun, but tends to totally consummate me since I will want to know everything about it right away and master that craft in no time. Hardly happens because of time restrains and limited funds. The second part is what really gets me!
So right now, I am toying with the idea of meddling with in the arts of something like these here:

This Whimsical Hair Comb is so magical. I love the soft blossom against the aqua feathers. Really special for this summer and would be great with the new haircut I just got. Now making that would be fun! I love working with the glue gun and just coordinating things. I wish I could see the artists studio and all the goodies that it must contain.

Or should I go for the wooden toys! Lilly would love it if I could create a whole forrest of trees and houses and dolls to go with it. My mind is already designing all kinds of creatures and wood is so much fun to work with. This little Mushroom sure is inspirational. Now all I need is the type of saw needed for this...and a few other things. So really - a long shot!

Or maybe start working with clay! Who doesn't want to try this one! it is such a great idea to make Miniature Worlds from clay including the sun. I got a few ideas for molds and patterns for plaques. I know they would be great, but I don't even know where to begin with what clay to get, glazes, and then firing. So this is even a longer shot. Yet, none of these ideas let my mind go and it is getting crowded in there. I guess I have to start writing them down and file them for later use. I know at some point I will be trying these out. Yes, so much to learn, so little time.
I would like to know what projects everyone else is thinking about now. I know it is a common artist ailment!



Clay, clay, clay!!! Get the air drying stuff and experiment :)

That Miniature World is just wonderful :0)

WarmAndFuzzyBaby said...

Simple enough to try something new like a flower comb.