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Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Banner - New Items - More Fun

After neglecting my original Katrin Lerman Jewelry shop on Etsy, I have been spending lots of time lately creating new pieces just for this store. They are mostly gold plated modern keepsakes with lots of texture and pattern with splashes of gemstone colors.

I always used to wear only Silver jewelry and found gold to be boring and old fashioned. Then I went to India and couldn't get enough of the gold pieces everyone was wearing. The deep warm color of those pieces as well as the unusual designs totally had me fall in love with gold. And it turns out that it just goes so very nicely with my blond hair!

Back home, it took me quite some time to find anything comparable to the color and style. Now I finally found several sources that had my creative juices running like a river! Even as I sit here, writing about it, I just can't stop thinking about new designs and getting back to my gold covered work bench.

So now I slowly list these new items in my shop in the hopes that others will agree with me that they bring a new spin to gold jewelry that is striking and eye catching. I personally love wearing my very own pieces and have received many compliments. So check back often to find you very own piece of gold!

1 comment:

MagicMarkingsArt said...

your jewelry and photos are stunning. i am also a silver junkie, but could definitely be converted by your gorgeous gold!

ps ~ found your site through etsy forums.