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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brimfield Antique Market 2009

This was the first time for Lilly at this huge antique and flea market. Actually, she did come along 2 years ago, but she still was in my belly then! But now she had the time of her life. Right when we got there, she kept pointing at everything and saying: "WOW, look at that, Daddy?!" She has a great eye and sees all the little details and spotted a giant baseball from one row down. Here you see how much fun Daddy and Lilly had looking for some Patio furniture. Unfortunately, all the patio furniture we liked where some sort of designer icon pieces and way too expensive. So we didn't get anything like that even though it was what we came for.

But there was so much else to be found. This time it was quite large with lots of very interesting pieces and really something for every budget. Care for a large cow for example?

Or maybe you are more into a little white mermaid. Can you spot her? And can you see the frog that sits on top? Lilly saw that one right away and was all over it.
We did get a few things for ourselves even though not at all what I was looking for or knew I needed. Now I'm so happy to have found them. There were so many of these nice old Asian woodcuts and also cookie mold. I just love the mold and can't wait to clean them up and put them on a metal stand. They will be perfect on my console table!

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