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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter! The Pictures

We had the best Easter weekend ever! The entire family got together and Lilly could play to her little hearts content with her cousins. She LOVED it and picked up so many new words. When I thought Lilly was talking like crazy already - now she really is talking - non-stop. It's a good thing. (So they tell me)

So we colored Easter eggs and decorated a few with stickers. We even wrote the names of all the kids on some of them. We made a few pink ones for Lilly and she was ecstatic about them. She already picked pink over any other color as her favorite!

And then on Easter Sunday we braised the cold and had a great Egg Hunt! I found this great spot in our yard and hung these cute chocolate carrot umbrellas (what are they?!) in all the little bushes. Then I also did hide some bright colored plastic eggs (with chocolate eggs inside), other candy, and a special little present for each child.

Not just the kids loved to search for and find all the goodies! Lilly even caught some candy in her net! It was so much fun and I honestly can't wait for next year! Just hoping it will be a little bit warmer ;)

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Tante Ina said...

ach,wie süss! die kleine Lilly sieht ja sooo niedlich aus! nächstes jahr wird sogar noch schöner, weil ich da mit dabei bin!