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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Apple Circus

We went to the Big Apple Circus with Lilly. It was the first time for her going to a show and actually the first time for me going to this circus. So we both were very excited! And the show really was great! It lasted 2 hours and Lilly sat through it just staring at the stage, clapping, and moving with the music for the whole time. I couldn't believe it.
And it was real easy to see since the tent is rather small. This way, no seat is further than 50 feet from the stage. We actually had some great seats almost looking straight on.

When we got home, I had to look on youtube to see if they had anything up to show to Lilly again. This here actually was one of her favorite acts. It's so great how this acrobat totally moves to the music. And guess what the best part of this video is for Lilly - the musical notes that are lit up around the stage! She can't stop talking about it!

And this here is the stage. I had to keep the flash off, but you get the idea of all the lights. It really was just perfect for little children.


jude cowell said...

A circus, what what fun!

And i like your blog which i found on Twitter - adding you to Secret Moon Art's 'Art Links'!

Best Regards to you & yours, Jude

Jen said...

I love a good circus. It has become tradition for my parents to take all the grandkids and they all love it! Glad you had fun.

LillyShayStyle said...

I wish I had a circus nearby to take my Lilly to! You're the first person I've seen (aside myself) to use two L's in your daughter's name.