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Friday, March 6, 2009

Flip Flop Key Chain

We finally went to the German Playgroup today for the first time! Lilly had so much fun and with all the German Mommies to meet, so did we. And afterwards we even had a little time to walk around Harvard Square. I just love it there with all the energy and commotion. Doesn't matter how the weather is, it still feels like a summer day walking around - well, not quite, but it sure doesn't feel as wintery as it does here in Framingham. And back home I worked on some more of our newest Keychains! It is amazing how you just can't stop doing it once you discover something new. So now I have to make a gazillion key chains! It's time to hang one on my key anyway. I can never find them in my large purse and these Flip Flops are large enough to make it a lot easier.

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