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Friday, February 13, 2009

Fresh Friday Finds - Valentines Day Preview!

Hey, it's Valentines Day tomorrow and I got carried away!!!

You might know already of my love for enamel. And even I had to think: "Oh, these are soooooo cute!" when I saw theseHeart Earrings. And I'm not that into hearts, but these here just are a bit sophisticated and flirty. Wouldn't mind getting these for Valentines (Is it too late to say that now?!)

Need to write a few Valentines cards? I would love to get thisDeer Stationary. So cute and yet subtle. That would bring a smile to anyone's face!

How about this sweet Love Birds Bowl? Getting breakfast in bed and discovering these little birds at the end of your cereal? I know, I'm dreaming, but it would be a great Valentine's treat!
Well, I can't wait to hear your heartwarming Valentine's Day story. Comment if you got one!

1 comment:

Beth said...

Love that bowl! Super cute.