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Sunday, January 4, 2009

We are back!!!!!

Finally back from Germany! It only has been about 2 weeks but sure feels like forever. Time just seems to move differently when you see different things and do soooo many things every day. And we sure did use our time over there wisely. Every minute was packed and we wasted no time. Of course, now we have to relax, recover and get used to our new (old) surroundings. So more about the trip later. All I can say now is that Lilly was a gem and had so much fun! Just laughing and enjoying herself everywhere. She did not care that she was so far from home and met all these new people. She even liked being on the plane for 15 + hours!!!!

But here are a few pictures of the Christmas market to start. This was our favorite place with all the great lights, music, food, and goodies. Wish we could be there every year...

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Jacqueline said...

Welcome back!! Wow sound like you guys had so much fun! And Lilly is so cuteee! I love love the Christmas market here too...really filled with good music, food, goodies and lights! Have a great restful day.