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Friday, January 9, 2009

Fresh Friday Finds - Dark Blue and Lilac Style

The first ‘Fresh Friday Find’ of the year and oh so much to choose from! So here in a dark blue and lilac theme. Those are my favorite colors right now, because I am still obsessed with and thrilled about my cashmere scarf and hat that are those colors. Need everything to match NOW!This thin Clutch Wallet is so cool. It is just big enough for your essential cards and some cash and yet a lot more stylish to show off at a party or out in the town than your normal wallet. And they do have a lot more prints to choose from. (In case you are not into this color combo - unbelievably so!)

And who can resist the soft qualities of this Jellyfish Photography Print? I always love seeing them in the aquarium and being amazed on how they light up in the dark and just dance around in the water. Unfortunately, when I take those pictures, they never come out like this!

And this Beaded Cube Necklace? really just goes perfectly with my new hat!
I'm always amazed at the intricacies involved in beaded designs and I have actually not seen any cubes made out of beads yet that look so sleek and simple. This must be fun to wear!

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