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Monday, December 1, 2008

10 Things about my Thanksgiving Weekend

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We sure did!
1. Of course, we had lots of turkey and pie and cranberry sauce and squash and mashed potatoes and ... on Thursday. And then again on Friday and Saturday. By Sunday, I could not get near it anymore. That's why we only have it once a year.
2. For Black Friday, my Mom and sister dreamed about going shopping at 4 am. When Lilly woke up my husband and me at 7 am, my husband looked outside the window and said: "What is your guess! Think their car is still here or not." Well, it was still there but by 8 am they were up and so Lilly and i came along. We were actually in the store at 9 am, which is still the earliest I have been shopping for cloth! So not too bad.
3. Now to keep up with all the food, I raked leaves and leaves and leaves. (And I had some help from my Dad. And Lilly, of course.) Now they are finally gone and we are ready for - dare I say so - SNOW.
4. Meanwhile my Mom was busy reupholstering our large sectional sofa. It had been ripped and the color is awful and we finally thought - YES WE CAN! Now it is almost done and looks so beautiful and cozy.
5. On Saturday, we put up our Christmas tree and all the decorations. Lilly just loved the tree and the ornaments. She kept on singing 'Oh Tannenbaum' and taking all the ornaments off the tree. Needless to say that it took some time re-hanging it all several times. And I will be doing it for the rest of the season! The tree had to be up before Sunday because it makes the first Advent. That is a big German Christmas tradition. The 4 Sundays before Christmas are celebrated by lighting candles. One on the first Advent, two on the second, and so on. It is a nice time to come together and reflect on the year.
6. But before that, we had Lilly's friend Eva over on Saturday and went to a local Ice Hockey game. Lilly just loves watching the game and is clapping and cheering the hole time. We might have a Cheerleader on our hands!

7. Then on Sunday my in-laws came back and played with Lilly. That gave me some time to do some jewelry. I made some amazing embroidered felt rings! Watch for the first listing today. I actually got so many great pieces done this weekend that I can't wait to show everyone.

So, I guess that is it. Not quite ten but close enough. He, it was a holiday and you are not supposed to do THAT much ;)


TheresaJ said...

Wow, that's quite a list, but it sounds like it was a great holiday weekend. Reupholstering the couch is a huge undertaking and very impressive. I've contemplated it with a chair or two in the past, but have never followed through with the plan. Let us know how it turns out -- with maybe a photo.

Jacqueline said...

Your little ones are so cute! n_n
It sounds like a great holiday weekend for you. And im loving your new ring! n_n

ESCUDERO said...

This ring is absolutely incredible!!!! Great job!!!