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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - my little Kitty Cat

Lilly had soooo much fun trick or treating on Halloween! She couldn't believe that she was getting chocolate from all these people and she laughed at all the scary costumes. She didn't want to wear her costume, so I just drew a little nose and whiskers on her face and put her hair in 2 piggy tails - she was the cutest kitty cat out there! She was still full of energy on the way home...

...and 5 minutes later she was totally out!


draculine said...

Lilly ist die süßeste Nichte, die man sich wünschen kann! Ich hab heute ein großes Foto von ihr auf meinen Schreibtisch auf Arbeit gestellt!

Maxi said...

Da spricht ja eine stolze Tante :-)
Ist aber wirklich zuckersüß die kleine Lilly!