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Monday, October 27, 2008

Salem - the place to be for Halloween

This weekend we went to Salem. Of course you have to go there for Halloween with the Haunted Happenings and Pumpkin Festival. This totally puts you in the Halloween spirit. There were sooo many people in the street as you can see in the pictures. And all the museums - like the Salem Witch Museum - are full to the rim. I guess everyone was here! So many people were quite creative with their costumes. We saw the Ghostbusters, and a beautiful fallen angel. Lot's of people also spotted witch hats and devil horns. But for us, most of them were too scary ;) to take pictures of. Just this little Red Riding Hood seemed friendly enough to take a picture of...and this witch because it was tied to a mast and we thought how could she get us this way!
We really had a lot of fun and the weather was nice for a change. In the end though, I had to put my sister in this device for not finishing the 500 embroidery pieces I had asked her for this week! I hope she learnt her lesson. hihi.


Jan said...

What great pictures! This looks like it was a lot of Halloween fun.

RainbowMom said...

Wow.. that looks like fun. :)