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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds - folksy and whimsical

This week, I'm feeling a bid whimsical. Just started to really like this word and I'm using it everywhere!

first off, I was so excite when I saw this So when I saw this Blue Tower . I love how it is leaning over here and a bid askew over there, but all in all just right. This is something not only Lilly could play with for hours. And there are so many more towers and houses to choose from in this shop that you can build a whole city!

Then I found this cutest of cute hair clip! I thought it is so stylish and elegant and just guess what it is made of---pom pons! And that even makes it cuter! I was looking around to find something appropriate put not totally crazy for Halloween. Well, this is so nice; I would wear it to any party.

This cute and shock-full-of-color Wooden Box so reminded me of the stenciling my mother did on my wardrobe. In Germany, we don't have closets, but we use wardrobes for everything. Mine was blue and painted in a very intricate blue flower motive very similar to this one. Got to love it!

And finally, I had to share these earrings. They are made from actual clock hands! I love how they are not the same and yet a pair. Must be so odd wearing these.
So I hope that made you want to find some whimsical items yourself. Go on, do it right now.


Stacey said...

Such a charming hair clip!! Thanks for finding such wonderful items and sharing.

kim* said...

cute love them all---

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Love the hair retro and fun. Those earrings are darn clever as well!

threemoonbabies said...

Thanks for sharing! These are some great finds:)