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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This one is for me

After busily creating new items for the shop, I thought it was time to make a few for myself! All along I had been putting a few patches my sister created away. Those were the ones I just liked too much to part with and I was thinking that I would be making myself something with them. Now finally I got started and couldn't stop!!!
So here is the necklace I made with that cute little elephant and some extra around. I had been looking at that elephant for quite some time now and love how it came out. As a band for the necklace I used a string that I traded with a fellow Etsian 'Walk in the Woods LLC'. She is an herbalist, healer and priestess of the Wild. She made the cord with a Citrine-tipped wand as she focuses her "intention on that, which nourishes, sustains and heals while supporting us in speaking and living our Truth". So I'm sure to be surrounded by all that is good when I wear it.
And then I had to make myself two bracelets. The first one is a very summery one that is just perfect for the beach! It is aqua and pink with a little sea star and suede leather band. Adorable!!!!
The other has a very folksy feel to it - with all kinds of colors and heavy stitching.
Just so many different ways to work it! But I guess this has to be it for now. My sister now wants a few done for herself as well! She will make the patches she likes and I will put it all together for her. Let's see what we will make...

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