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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds

After looking through my favorites on Etsy last time (and that took some time because there are a LOT of them), I thought; wouldn’t it be nice to share some of them" And blogging about it is the best way. So here we go and try to make a series of it. He, maybe my family and friends can get some ideas for present (for me of course) from it!
These will definitely be my "I wish I could buy this" finds that I discovered during the week. Hope you will like them, too!

I love, LOVE, love bags! And every respectable woman should ;) So here is a very clever Tote with a 'printed burlap from a giant bag of coffee beans' So cool and earth friendly.

I'm also in love with these Pre-Columbian Earrings. They are so adorable and I always wanted a pair made like this. They are from a shop called India Y La Luna (great name!) and there are so many great earrings in that style that it was actually very hard to choose just one.
My baby girl and I just went to see the little bronze ducks in the Boston Common and she loved touching and sitting on them. Then I saw this Philippine Yellow Ducky and thought what a great present it would be - not for her, of course, since she is only one and might take it apart - but for the child in all of us. This is a grown-up toy sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

And finally, isn't this the cutest little Mini Print of a friendship doll! It depicts a Kokeshi folk art doll. They were 'made of spare wood by Japanese farmers and given as tokens of love and friendship to family and friends'. Now that would be a perfect little present straight from the heart.


Christopher And Tia said...

I love that tote!!!

TheresaJ said...

Great post. My favorite is the little ducky! So adorable.

Your blog is also a fun read, and you have great photos. Your work is beautiful.

I'll be visiting again... :)

Eileen said...

Great blog Kaleidoscope...Your Friday Find is awesome...I love the tote and the picture of the doll...Keep on sharing...

apparel said...

Very cool tote..i love it!