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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fresh Friday Finds - Home Edition

Hey, I'm an Interior Designer, so of course I'm also always on the look out for the perfect home accessories. This week, I found some for the zen, the funky, and the cute home. Or, as in my case, all of the above!

Can you believe these Pebbles are real?! I could not believe that such crisp images are possible on stone. Hooray to sandblasting! As an Interior Designer, I can think of sooooo many uses for these. They even have pebbles with little duckies perfect for next to the sink. How cute is that! And I can only imaging how great the feel in your hands. Get me one, get me one now.

These Coaster are hilarious! When you put a glass on them, it will look as if they are holding your glass in their (wide open) mouth. Most definitely a conversation piece.

This Illustration is so calming to look at. So peaceful and sweet! The artist Annette from Norway does so many different characters in this style, it is hard to choose just one. I might have to get the sticker set at some point or I just get a blond girl print for Lilly's room. Got to stay in character!

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