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Monday, August 25, 2008

Custom anyone?

We are just working on another custom piece right now. The customer liked our look wanted a necklace in darker colors. And I was thinking anyway that we should try to make some items more tone on tone and subdued. A bid hard for us because we just like bright colors so much!
So my sister embroidered several coordinating designs on felt, while I cut them to size and prepared a cord with clasp to stitch them on to. But before finishing the piece, I took this picture of how it would look like to send to the customer for approval. She said: "Thank you, it is perfect!" (We are happy to hear that!) And now I can finish it and have it ready to go.


tamdoll said...

I love this. I'm getting requests to make more neutral fabric pieces too... but it's so hard not to make them bright and fun!

Katrin said...

You are absolutely right!