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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nature abound

I created this custom necklace for a fellow Etsian Jewelry Designer. Love her work
and was happy to hear that she was interested in a custom piece from me. She send me all these small and precious items - there are shells, small pine cones, wood, ... Just amazing how many beautiful tiny things there are in nature! It was tricky working with them because I was afraid I could break something. Luckily everything stayed save! She also wanted it oxidized. I normally don't do that to my pieces, but I am happy how it came out. Just lets the individual pieces shine and not the silver.
I had so much fun making this special pendant with items that already have a history with its owner. Can't wait to do more!!!

1 comment:

Beaderjojo said...

I love the earthy-ness of this pendant. You did a great job!