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Monday, March 17, 2008

Feature Artist: Citrus Tree

I have been wondering what Citrus Tree was selling in her shop for a while now. Finally, I took a look and was amazed to see such beautiful photography. I just love this style of using a viewfinder to take pictures. Want to know how it works? Essentially, you take a photograph with your normal camera through the viewfinder of an old camera. I still have an old camera from my grandfather that I could not possibly take real pictures with, but it might work great for this project. First, you need to build a tight box connected to the viewfinder of your old camera and a hole big enough for your new camera's lens. This box is needed to keep light out. The easiest way to build one is to use black foam core. Then when you put the 2 together, you will have all the scratches, surroundings and dust from the old viewfinder on the photograph. That gives it such a great vintage look!
Of course, it is not only the set up that is important, but also the subject matter. And this artist is using the most calming subjects to bring out the vintage feel - flowers and the ocean. At least these are 2 of my favorite sights!


able mabel said...

Wow! What fabulous pictures! Thanks for showing us!

BeckyKay said...

I've always wondered how they do this! Looks so amazing!

Jennifer Robin said...

Very inspiring photo effects. Reminds me of all my old glass slides.