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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feature Artist: Creative Sundries

These fun and whimsical cards are something else! The red ones are made from Fortune Teller Miracle Fish. You know what that is? I did not. They are packages that have a little red plastic fish in them and when you place the fish in your open hand, it is supposed to move. The back side of the package tells you what it means. If the head moves, you are jealous, if the whole fish curls up you are passionate, and so on. So a card that you can play with! How much fun is that. Now these other note cards are made with original Naipes Playing Cards from Mexico. Also a great idea to reuse them. They are so beautiful and make perfect cards. This is just a small sampling of what this mother-and-daughter team has to over. There are so many different items in this shop ranging from pendants, to vintage treasures, to ... just about anything! You got to see for yourself.


creativesundries said...


Thank you so much for the awesome blog feature!!

Sarah :-)

beeker said...

I haven't seen the fortune fish since I was a kid. Thanks for the resource!