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Friday, January 25, 2008

Feature Artist: Elektra Jewelry

Elektra Jewelry offers beautiful handmade jewelry. All of the pieces are one of a kind and the designs will not be duplicated so 'each piece is yours alone'. I was immediately drawn to this Temple of the Stars Necklace Set. I love Labradorite and come to find out that this artist does too. The combination of the Labradorite with the blue Swarovski Crystals is especially lovely. One can see when looking at the collection of designs, that they are made with care. She says herself that: "My time and energy is devoted to creating pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for years to come". It's interesting to read in her Bio that the artist always had been drawn to all things that shimmer and shine, using glitter on everything that she could find as a child. Now she must have grown up, because these pieces of jewelry are anything but pure glitter - they are sophisticated and perfect for any occasion.

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Dina Cuomo said...

Thanks for the wonderful article!