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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100 and 1 Night Necklace

Yesterday I finished another Necklace. I think it is one of the most womanly I have done. It was giving me quite a headache on the way though. First, I wanted to make a pair of chandelier earrings with that swirl, but then the bail broke off and I had to start all over. At that point, I did not want to make earrings anymore. You know, the perils with earrings is that you have to make two! So here it is as a pendant. I might make a similar pair of earrings one day, but probably not too soon. This in progress picture shows how far I had gotten with it before it broke. That's what happens if you bend the wire too many times. The molecules in the silver get bunched up and it becomes brittle. Now interestingly enough, if I would have heated up the piece after working and bending it for a while, the molecules would have relaxed again and this would not have happened. But hey, I love to work extra!

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